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The whole purpose of plastic injection moulding, unlike what many people assume,  is to make the environment better.  Plastic injection moulded products  replace heavier items in metals, offering better advantages compared to the metallic parts thereby creating a stronger, lighter, superior, long lasting product that needs fewer replacements and becoming environmentally friendly.

In 2004, Kruger Industries was established by two entrepreneurs, Rajalingam & Ravi (whose company Microtex Energy, is a globally reputed industrial battery manufacturer based in Bengaluru. To meet the demand for their industrial battery containers & accessories, Kruger Industries was born out of that idea. Thereafter it has seen a steady growth in business. Kruger supplies battery containers to leading battery manufacturers in India & abroad. Thereafter Kruger has been adding prestigious satisfied customers with demanding & critical moulding needs.

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Our business philosophy

Developing game-changing propositions & to support you throughout your business journey, not just your purchase cycle

We offer

  • Product design
  • Prototyping – samples
  • Mould Design
  • Mould manufacture
  • Injection moulding
  • Plastic – optimization

Meet the team

Balraj R

Balraj R

Vice President - Operations
A highly experienced professional with us since 2004, Balraj ensures Kruger creates relationships with customers based on mutual respect
Vidhyadharan Kruger Industries

EK Vidhyadharan

General Manager - Plant
Also with us since inception, EKV is a gentle, yet firm go-getter ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their products. His talents at management are always consistent & fresh
Rajalingam Kruger Industries

Rajalingam P

His fascination with plastic injection moulding started in 1986. Raj has over 34 years of expertise in the plastics domain. He is well known by his peers in the plastic industry.
Ravi Govindan Kruger Industries

Ravi Govindan

Industrialist & entrepreneur
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