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My fascination with plastic injection moulding started in 1986 - Rajalingam, Partner

Early during my school days, I used to visit my father’s business in the manufacture of  extrusion machinery, where they used to produce the complete extrusion machinery required for manufacturing  plastic bags, plastic films and plastic tapes etc. Having helped in the manufacture, assembly, trials and commissioning of these plastic extrusion machines way back then, was a life time learning experience.
After college, I started assisting the business in manufacture of these extrusion machines till 1988 and then decided to move ahead from extrusion machines to automatic injection moulding. We built our first automatic plastic injection moulding machine in 1988 and started production on this machine for small plastic injection moulded parts for  two wheelers and tractors & later for major automotive companies like – Bosch, Maini Materials, TVS, John Fowler etc.
I’ve spent several years working on metal parts that could be replaced with parts produced from engineering plastics supplied by various multinationals giants like EI Dupont, Bayer, DSM who manufacture the required engineering polymers. With inputs from customers, designs and requirements, several parts were integrated into a single plastic injection moulded part to substitute metallic parts used in the automobile industry to reduce the weight and production cost by integration of several parts.
In 2004, Kruger Industries was established with my childhood friend Ravi whose company Microtex Energy, a reputed industrial battery manufacturer in Bangalore, to meet the demand for industrial battery containers and accessories, Kruger Industries was born out of that idea and there after has been a steady growth in our business, which now caters to various battery manufacturers, Indian Railways, automotive air filtration and material handling industries.

I've spent several years working on high concept designs to replace metallic parts used in automobile industry to engineered plastics

This gave me a whole new perspective on how the industry dynamics worked

The whole point of plastic injection moulding is to make the environment better  with products that replace heavier items like metals, offering better advantages compared to the metallic parts thereby creating a stronger, lighter, superior, long lasting product that needs fewer replacements and becoming environmentally friendly.

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