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Injection Moulding machine

The whole purpose of plastic injection moulding, unlike what many people assume,  is to make the environment better.  Plastic injection moulded products that replace heavier items in metals, offering better advantages compared to the metallic parts thereby creating a stronger, lighter, superior, long lasting product that needs fewer replacements and becoming environmentally friendly.

Injection moulding is a process used for mass producing plastic components. The process is economical, reliable offering high quality components with great consistency dimensionally.

The moulding cycle starts with the closed mould. The injection screw injects the molten plastic, with the necessary speed & pressure into the mould, which is clamped shut tightly. Once the mould cavity is filled the screw stop, holds pressure on the material until the gate solidifies to prevent material flowing back, referred to as mould packing or cycle hold time. Cooling time starts, the screw reverses back to accumulate material for the next injection shot. Cooling time is decided by the component thickness. Once the cooling time is complete, mould opens ejecting the moulded component.

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