Garden Pots Large – Brown with Awesome Quality!

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This set of 4 beautiful garden pots & suitable water pans are made from 100% virgin (PP) Polypropylene material UV stabilized to withstand weathering conditions from sun & rain. Will last for years.
Finished in earthy terracotta colour to blend in your gardens and for indoor use.
The pot dimensions are Top Dia in inches

Packing – Set of 4 Pots and 4 Pans

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Garden Pots – set of 4

This set of 4 beautiful Garden pots and water pans are made from 100% virgin (PP) Polypropylene & is robust & strong. Finished in earthy terracotta colour to blend into your garden & lovely for indoor use.

Garden Pot Dimensions are mention as the top diameter
Packing – Set of 4 Pots and 4 Pans.

  • Life of a Polypropylene Pot
    Kruger Plastic pots are manufactured using UV stabilized Polypropylene.
    Polypropylene is the most preferred material for manufacturing pots, as they possess good structural strength, heat resistance and are very durable. The pots can be used for more than 5 years in bright sunlight and heat levels. Polypropylene is not suitable for use in extremely cold conditions (less than 0°C). Pots made from Polypropylene have a low impact strength and cannot take heavy knocks and will tend to break if they are dropped.
    UV Stabilised Pots.
  • Kruger Terracotta coloured pots are manufactured from virgin UV stabilized Polypropylene. These pots are used in intense sunlight for several years and have not had any UV degradation. Also, the pots are relatively thick-walled & this adds substantially to the life of the pot.
  • Should I use Black or Terra Cotta colour pots?
    This depends on individual needs. A professional nursery grower will use black pots because they are cheaper and manufactured using reprocessed Polypropylene. Kruger Terra Cotta has its advantages, they look better and more like clay pots and are cooler compared to black pots, especially if exposed to the sun.
  • Floor protection for mud stains
    Use of saucers below the pots will collect drained water from pots and prevent staining of the floor. Where available, use a good quality soil-less media based on coco peat. Regularly discard the water that collects in the saucer.
Weight 10.50 kg
Dimensions 500 × 700 × 500 mm

19 Inches, 16 Inches, 14 Inches, 12 Inches, 10 Inches, 9 Inches


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